what is Pholo?

How many times have you been on a fantastic vacation with your family, and everyone is snapping pictures on their phones?

At the end of the trip, each of you promise to send each other the photos, which never happens.

Wouldn't it have been great if when each of you took your photos, you could instantly add them to a group album in real time?

That's a Pholo moment.

Pholo is the first and only Photo Collaboration app in the market.   What makes Pholo unique is our patent-pending Many-to- Many social network platform and Geo-Centric technology which allow you and your friends to join one single album and simultaneously add photos without having any prior connections.

Pholo is great for birthday parties, weddings, family reunion, golf tournaments, concerts and any events where a group of you and your friends want to capture and share the memories.

With Pholo, if you’re there...you can share.

The Power of Geo & Event Centric

Say you’re at a girls night bachelorette party with 10 of your besties.  There will undoubtedly be some amazing photo opps throughout the night.  Besides the four or five you choose to share on existing social media, there are probably forty to fifty photos taken by the group individually.

Now, the conventional way would be to email one person all the photos and have them go to a site and build an album, then create a password, then send out an email to everyone, then...forget it, it’s never gonna happen.

With Pholo, any one of you can create the album prior or during your party.  For added privacy, since it is a bachelorette party, you can make your album “Private” and choose your 10 friends from your list. Any time during the night, your friends can now see your album, join your album and start snapping away all the fun and innocent, and maybe a few not so innocent, photos of the evening.

Group Pix

With Pholo, you won’t have to give the poor waiter all 10 of your cameras and ask him to snap your group pix. Take it once in Pholo and have it available to all 10 of you.

the Pholo home screen

Your personal Profile Feed

ALL Albums of people you follow

Public access album feed

Map View

Album creator + Number of Joiners

Album likes &


Create a New Album

Edit Album Details

Last photo uploaded

Join & Add Photos

Features both Tile & Fullscreen View

Add Photos from camera or device library

Album joiners list

Quick Snap Camera


Album detail screen

Features smooth horizontal scrolling for a quick glance into the album. Click on any photo to go into the Photo Details Feed.

Total photo

count in Album

your personal feed

Your personal account info

Only your photos with all albums

All photos within all albums you had participation

Access your account settings

Provides access to your personal photos & albums & those albums you added photos to.

Profile page

See all photos and albums you have stored on Pholo.

Filter down to just your photo or all photos within an album for which you had participation.

* COMING NOV 2013 *